Sunday, July 17, 2011

where do we go wrong?

So, this week I am on a mission trip with my home church. The trip is called 3MT which stands for Mid Missouri Mission Team. This is our first time participating in 3MT and we have a lot of youth from our county which is so encouraging to me!
Last night after our commissioning service, we broke off in to small groups and we were asked to share our name & why we were here. Most kids went through the motions, some said for renewal, others said they were tired of complacency. Then I met a special guy. He gave his name then said he was tired of people picking on him. Tired of church goers in his high school never sticking up for him. Tired of being called names. Tired of not understanding why the body of Christ wasn't serving him.

Where have we gone wrong church?

I've never met this boy before last night, but I know his story. It's all too familiar. To many "kids" are just pushed aside and never taught to BE the body. And because of that, classmates don't meet Jesus. Boys with speech impediments get picked on and no one steps up to serve the least of these.

My prayer this week is that the Lord would use this guy to teach us all to serve like Christ. May he not feel like an outcast at the end of this week.

May we be the hands & feet of Christ.
And may the church step up & teach young people, through word AND deed, what it means to be the salt & light if the world.