Monday, January 25, 2010

One Crazy Beautiful Sunday

5:30am. Normal people are usually asleep, especially on a Sunday. Not me.

I awoke to the sound of our house phone ringing. Wondering if I should get up and go answer, since I'm the closest, or wait to see if whomever is calling will ring the cell.

*Insert Ringtone Here*

"Jennifer's water broke."
"Jennifer's water broke. Are you even awake?"
"Well, I am now..."

And thus begins my last Sunday home before spring semester '10. With a phone call about my cousin's water breaking. A week ago she had a false alarm. Now the little guy has to interrupt my last good night of sleep for a while. It was a welcomed interruption though :)

So after waiting a few hours to leave--due to Great-Grandma having to teach Sunday School--we ventured to Springfield to meet the little guy.

More like sit around and wait for the little guy.

After being there for approx. 5 hours, with little progress being made on mommy/baby's part, my sister and I decide to make a food run for everyone. 3 stops. 20 minutes max. And what happens.

"Hurry back, he's coming soon."

Wow, thanks for the great timing guys.

Needless to say, within the next hour, we (all 10 of us, other than mom & dad) welcomed Zander Michael Gene in to the world :)

He is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. A perfect little boy.
I'm not sure what was more touching, getting to welcome this new Imago Dei into the world, or seeing the love and joy flow out of my family's heart as we heard the news. It truly was the perfect ending to Christmas break.

7lbs 10oz, 22 inches long. aka: Perfect :)

As my Grandma said--his Great Grandma--"You just want to sit there and hold him, and never put him down."

I'm in love and I don't care who knows it!!

I pray, even now, that our Lord would draw Zander in to Himself and save him from his sin. Even this beautiful little baby is born in to a depraved world and needs his Savior.

I can't wait to tell him about Jesus :)

Love you, Zander!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Passion & Purity

"What has been like water from the well of Bethlehem to you recently? Love, friendship, spiritual blessing? Then at the peril of your soul you take it to satisfy yourself. If you do, you cannot pour it out before the Lord. How am I to pour out spiritual gifts, or natural friendship, or love? How can I give them to the Lord? In one way only-in the determination of the mind, and that takes about two seconds. If I hold spiritual blessings or friendship for myself they will corrupt me, no matter how beautiful they are. I have to pour them out before the Lord, give them to Him in my mind, though it looks as if I am wasting them, even as David poured water out on the sand, to be instantly sucked up."

Elisabeth Elliot, "Passion & Purity"