Monday, June 2, 2008

Hosea 2:7

Hosea 2:7—"She will chase after her lovers but not catch them; she will look for them but not find them. Then she will say. 'I will go back to my husband as at first, for then I was better off than now.'"

So I was looking back in a notebook of mine and I read this verse and what I had written down at the time about it. Wow, God can say so much to me sometimes and I don't even know it! On a random morning, I decided to read from Hosea, a book in the Bible that I had never read from before or even heard a teaching on! During this time of originally reading and writing about this verse, I was going through a lot when it came to conformity and chasing after things of this world. I had always been able to hold up the image of a "great Christian" but inside I was such a broken and desolate person. I had been playing softball for my college team-mind you my main goal in life was to be an Olympic softball player-but even a sport which had brought me so much joy in life seemed to mean nothing to me anymore. I was stressed out and depressed, lying to my coach, my parents, and even myself. I could not find happiness in my life. Then came this verse. It is so symbolic of how I was living, and how I believe a lot of "Christians" live at times. We run from God, thinking that something of this world will please us and be able to fulfill us, only to find our brokenness still there or even worsened. I had chased after things that had the possibility of making me happy, but never being able to "catch" true happiness. Then I just fell to a point where it was like, "Okay I'm coming back to You, because You're ways are so much better and I am way better off with You." I was chasing after all the wrong things, and never being able to catch them; I was looking, but not finding; and then I came back to God as I was at first for then I was better off. Chapter 2 of Hosea talks all about brokenness, how we run from God, chasing things of the flesh, but then realize that we're better off with God. He takes everything "away" from us to make us realize we need Him, the He takes us aside and "speaks tenderly" to us! How amazing!!! I encourage everyone to go grab your bible and read Hosea for yourself, and I pray that God will speak to you in ways unimaginable! All glory to Him!!