Monday, February 21, 2011


Tonight kicked off lindenwood.campus.revival.

There has been a yearning on the campus of Lindenwood University for the Gospel of Christ to take root in the hearts of students and for those students to go out, being salt and light in the world.

love. community.
that's what tonight was about.

Savior, He really can move mountains.
My prayer is that my campus, my friends, and myself would allow Him to move in and through my life and use me to move mountains!

One of the most beautiful things I've ever witnessed on my college campus in the past couple of years has been men worshiping the Lord and not being ashamed of it. It really warms my heart when men aren't afraid to be men.
Thank you for that!

AJ beautifully opened up the night by reading about the death of Christ and His cross.
If our lives aren't cross centered, what are they?
It's all about the cross.
It's all about Christ.
We have hope because He died, and rose again, defeating death.

May our hearts be revived and compelled by the love of Christ.